Which one is best eCommerce Solution ?

Do you have been searching for best eCommerce Solution for a Long time . And Confused between Shopify and Woocommerce . Here is an answer of your question..

Do you have been thinking of setting up eCommerce website? Are you familiar with WordPress? Do you want to be able to set up the website on your own? If your answer is Yes , then things just got a little less complicated for you. You want to know that how to make a website and get started with your online shop. Why can this be easy for anybody?

WordPress is more than just a free CMS

With WordPress, you can create simple to complex bespoke websites and the fact that it is easy-to-use with an intuitive backend (dashboard) means that you can manage it with minimal instruction.

Let’s take a look at some of its impressive benefits.

1. WordPress Is A Universal Platform:

WordPress powers millions of websites across the globe. It is the most popular content management system and the fact that it has a standard WordPress dashboard makes it a universal platform that can be effectively used by anyone. Its functionalities are easy to understand and it comes with a host of themes, tools and plugins, that aids in making a beautiful website.

2. Easy To Use:

Ease-of-use is the primary reason why many new businesses have taken a liking to WordPress. It is a user-friendly platform and one can learn how to use WordPress as CMS in a jiffy. Once your site is developed, you don’t need experts to manage it, as it requires zero programming & coding skills.

3. Easy To Set-up:

As mentioned-above, WordPress requires zero programming and coding skills. Thus, even without the knowledge of programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, or PHP, you can still set-up your WordPress website. Best part, you can manually install WordPress in less than 5 minutes!

4. Easy To Update:

For security reasons updating your software is of utmost importance and this holds true for WordPress too. However, unlike other CMS, updating WordPress and its themes & plugins is a breeze and can be done at a single click of a mouse.

And there are so many reasons to choose WordPress.

Here are some of the reasons you should choose WordPress to build a website:

    • WordPress is free
    • There are plugins for anything you can think that you would need on a website
    • There are thousands of premium themes to choose of
    • Even if you need a custom theme, it will not cost too much
    • There are at least two dedicated e-commerce plugins that are efficient and reliable
    • For every problem you encounter, you will find more than one answers on the web due to WordPress’ popularity.
    • Everything is customizable with WordPress.eCommerce solutions for WordPress

There are plenty of WordPress eCommerce plugins in the market. But not all of them have the essential set of features you would need to start your eCommerce site.

Some eCommerce plugins are good for selling digital goods like eBooks, photos, music, etc. While others are better suited for selling physical goods that need shipping and inventory management. There are also eCommerce plugins that are good at both of them.

You need to choose a plugin depending on what you will be selling and what kind of features you would need to efficiently run your online store.

WooCommerce Versus Shopify: A Brief Overview

Using both Shopify and WooCommerce is very easy, even for a complete beginner.

Both platforms have an intuitive user interface for simple tasks like creating a site’s basic pages (contact, privacy policy, etc), listing products, checking/fulfilling orders, and more. These setup processes are relatively hassle-free.

Both platforms have thorough documentation and a large user base, which means finding answers to potential issues that may arise is fairly effortless in both systems.

Option one: Shopify

We’ll start by recommending the most popular eCommerce solution for WordPress: Shopify. This is the premium option for starting an online shop, as it will cost from $9 to $299 per month, depending on your options. However, considering all other premium options available online, Shopify is quite affordable for a medium sized business. It’s not a mystery why more than 400,000 online shops already use this plugin. If you have a budget for setting up your shop, you can try it. You can get a free trial for the first two weeks.

Benefits of Shopify:

    • Easy to integrate into WordPress as a plugin
    • Premium eCommerce solution, which means it features a 24/7 support
    • Shopify is secure
    • Hundreds of different designs to choose from
    • Integrations with Facebook and Twitter.
    • Facebook Messenger support
    • Multiple payment options, easy to set up and deliver invoices

              Option two: WooCommerce

              If your budget is limited or if you just want to try for the first time an eCommerce platform, you can choose WooCommerce, the second most popular and versatile plugin for WordPress.

              WooCommerce is free, easy to set up and most of all, it was recently acquired by WordPress, which means it is officially supported by this CMS. You can also find premium themes that integrate this plugin efficiently and many more other plugins that are capable of enhancing its usability. By default, WooCommerce does not feature all types of payment and cannot deliver invoices. However, there are free and premium plugins able to fill in the blanks, all available immediately and easy to set up and integrate into your shop.

              Benefits of WooCommerce

                • It’s free
                • Very easy to set up. You can post your products in just a few minutes
                • Huge community that will cover for the lack of official support
                • Many themes to choose from. Some are free, some may cost.
                • Officially supported by WordPress
                • Its functionality can be easily extended through additional plugins

                        You should start with choosing an appropriate domain name for your shop