In the age of social media, it seems no vacation is complete without a few uploads to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Of the top 20 most Instagrammed places worldwide, 12 are in the United States, according to a study by TravelBird.

Instagram, a unit of Facebook, announced at the end of April that it had doubled its user base to 700 million monthly active users in two years; 88.48 million of those users are from the United States, while Russia comes in second place, providing 27.52 million members of the Instagram user base.

Here are the 10 most Instagrammed places in the world:

10.Oktoberfest in Bavaria

Number of Instagram tags: 2,262,885

What Mardi Gras is to New Orleans, Oktoberfest is to Germany. Oktoberfest is pretty much a festival all about beer and fun, so really it’s no surprise that so many people flock there for it.

9.Notre Dame, Paris

Number of Instagram tags: 2,517,129

Notre Dame is one of the most recognisable churches in the world. The French Gothic-style building was erected in the 12th century and draws in both religious and non-religious tourists from around the globe.

8. Times Square, New York

Number of Instagram tags: 2,517,880

The bustling Times Square might just well be the most recognisable part of New York. The busy intersection is full of entertainment, advertisements, and well…a whole lot of people.

7. Big Ben, London

Number of Instagram tags: 2,561,617

Many people know Big Ben as the nickname of London’s clock tower, but it actually started as the nickname of just the bell inside. Over time the name shifted to refer to the whole clock and tower, even though its official name is the Elizabeth Tower.

6.Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

Number of Instagram tags: 3,653,548

The Las Vegas Strip is part of the South Las Vegas Boulevard, which is full of hotels, casinos, and copies of different attractions around the world, like the Eiffel Tower. The Strip itself is about 6.8km long but manages to pack a whole lot into it.

5.Berlin Wall in Germany

Number of Instagram tags: 4,595,501

The Berlin Wall, which once stood to separate the East and West, has now been mostly torn down. Today, what little of the wall that’s left is covered in graffiti that people flock to take photos in front of.

4. South Beach, Florida

Number of Instagram tags: 4,689,396

Sometimes referred to as SoBe, South Beach is (obviously) a beachside neighbourhood in Miami. South Beach is known for being a day-and-night party town, but the beach is nice enough to convince you to forgo the partying for a day or two.

3. Walt Disney World, Florida

Number of Instagram tags: 5,465,098

Disney World is truly the place of dreams. The Florida complex exists on over 27,000 acres of land, with more than 30 on-site hotels, six entertainment parks, multiple golf courses, and even a camping ground.

2. Eiffel Tower, Paris

Number of Instagram tags: 7,253,011

Paris is definitely a go-to destination for most people you ask, and it’s usually for one thing: the Eiffel Tower. The big, bright beacon is hard to miss at 324 meters tall, so it’s no real shock that it’s so high on this list.

1. Disneyland, California

Number of Instagram tags: 14,615,952

Is it really any surprise that Disneyland ranked first? It’s every child and adult’s dream spot, and with over 14 million tags it takes its rightful spot as the most Instagrammed places in the world.