7 Self Care Routine You Should Start Today

If you start to think about all of the things that you ‘take care of’ on a daily basis, your head would likely start to spin. The fact is, in this busy day and age, we tend to take care of A lot of things: Our kids, our families, our homes, our cars, our pets, our businesses, our careers (the list could go on and on….). But, when was the last time you practiced a little self-care? So what is self-care practice? Self-care is essentially any action or behavior that we love to do that benefits us by reducing our stress levels and improving our mental, physical and spiritual health. For each and every person this is going to look differently (something we like to refer to as bio-individuality!). For some of you, it could be having a warm aromatherapy bath complete with candles and your fave playlist or taking…