Facebook wants your children on its new Messenger Kids app

With more than 2 billion users today, Facebook is already the world’s biggest social network. But the company is looking ahead to tomorrow, and it’s decided that a big new market of opportunity is with younger users with messenger app.

The social network announced on Monday that it’s launching a new app, Messenger Kids, which allows children to use Facebook’s messaging software, the first time the company has allowed children younger than 13 to have an official presence on any of its platforms. Google announced something similar in March called Family Link,  set of Google services including Gmail built for kids under 12 years.

Nowadays every kid is on Social Media to communicate with their friends and family. But they are pretty young to reach the open world out there! Kids are so attracted to technology that they will even find your phone from hell which is not always good for most parents. And allowing your kids to connect with open world is not even safe.

Facebook, however, has come up with a solution. It’s called Messenger Kids and yes, it’s basically a standalone child-friendly Messenger app with parental controls baked right in. The app, called Messenger Kids, allows users under the age of 13 to send texts, videos and photos. They can draw on the pictures they send and add stickers. The app, which launches Monday in the United States, gives the company access to a new market whose age prohibits them from using the firm’s main social network. Unlike with its full social network, the data collection will be limited. Facebook said, and children will need their parents’ permission to use it.

kids-messenger appHere’s what they came up with:

Messenger Kids took 18 months to develop, and Facebook says the goal was to create a messaging app that puts parents at the center. Because children use those kinds of apps anyway. The company tested it with kids mostly between the ages of 6 and 11.

Facebook said it worked with a committee of about dozen experts and more than 200 online safety organizations to develop the app. It also met with parents across the U.S. to hear the major concerns about their kids using technology.

How will your kid connect to Messenger App???

The only way to do this is through you. Adding members is easy and they can also talk to the child with their orignal Messenger App. But if the kid wants to connect with someone form his class. It is only possible if he is your facebook friend or he is already on Messenger Kids. Also, you can always edit or remove contacts from your child’s messenger app. And Also if your child blocks a person from their account you will get a Facebook notification.

The app includes filters and lenses like those for Snapchat and Instagram that let you add digital graphics to your pictures or videoes, like sunglasses or dog ears. There are also other augmented reality features like a game that lets you use the device’s camera to look around the room and catch digital bugs. A partnership with the World Wildlife Fund shows kids facts about animals.

Messenger Kids is available for preview in US starting today. It’s iOS only at launch, but will roll out to Android users later this month.





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