Amazing Black dress Makeup tips

Hey, Gorgeous! How have you all been? A black dress is one of the simplest yet classy outfits you can wear. Black dresses are such a classic, versatile piece of clothing. Any makeup works with a black dress!! Isn’t it? It might look nice to apply makeup accordingly to any accents on your black dress. For example, if your black dress has silver buttons on it, I’d think metallic eyeshadow would look great. But a lot of people falter when it comes to the makeup they should do to pair their dress with. Your eye makeup, whether matte or shimmer will definitely create a contrast, bringing the attention to your eyes. But if you’re still stuck on the makeup you think would suit your dress perfectly, try out some of these Black Dresses Makeup Tips. Here are few Black dress makeup tips: Bold red lip Whether or not you feel like…

Must Have Makeup Brushes in Your Makeup Bag

When you’re already toting a full makeup bag, You don’t need to own a million different options, but even a few helpful tools can help you make the most of your makeup. Good makeup brushes are as important as good beauty products. When I was first getting started in makeup. I was searching for appropriate, good quality and affordable makeup brushes to buy and was instantly overwhelmed. Nowadays, companies produce every type of makeup brushes imaginable, and as consumers. It can be difficult for us to decide whether we need everything that is marketed to us. Brushes are the most important thing in your makeup kit. If you have excellent quality brushes but don’t have expensive makeup it is all ok and you can still achieve a great makeup look. On the other hand, if you have poor quality brushes even with the most expensive makeup products. It will be…