Winter-Proofing Your Skin-Beauty Tricks to Get You Through Winter

Winter is a gorgeous season to bring out bright colored clothing, those lovely boots, and all your woolen accessories. But similarly, it is also the season for frizzy hair, and dry skin. Chapped lips, hat hair, and pasty skin got you down? Harsh winter elements can take a toll on your looks and make you feel not so beautiful.  Having irritated, chapped skin is not only unsightly and painful, but it is more vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays. Having irritated, chapped skin is not only unsightly and painful, but it is more vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays. In the summer months, staying hydrated is a no-brainer, we know it’s important. It’s just as critical to stay hydrated in the winter, especially when it comes to your skin. it’s important that you invest a little more time in your morning and evening routines. From gentle scrubs to moisturizing masks, these…

Life Changing Ideas

Stuck in a rut? If you feel it’s time to make a fresh start then take a look at our 20 big Life Changing ideas that might point you in the right direction, initiate change, and raise your overall awareness up a notch or two.

You might be a wise person, but still, you know nothing. You can learn from everything and everyone. Each of us are unique individuals with our own lives, hence, we’re all special in our own way. We might learn things quickly, but we often forget things at the same rate   and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the things we’ve learned.

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7 Self Care Rituals You Should Start Today

If you start to think about all of the things that you ‘take care of’ on a daily basis, your head would likely start to spin. The fact is, in this busy day and age, we tend to take care of A lot of things: Our kids, our families, our homes, our cars, our pets, our businesses, our careers (the list could go on and on….). But, when was the last time you practiced a little self-care? So what is self-care practice?

dreams and rem sleep

Some experts believe that a lack of REM sleep and a lack of dreaming are responsible for many of the health problems Americans suffer from today. Loss of not just sleep, but the dreams and rem sleep has been associated with greater risks of inflammation, pain sensitivity, obesity and memory problems, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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