The makeup market is gradually developing in India and from the past couple of years, it has grown tremendously. Makeup helps women not only to look good by enhancing their feature but by raising her confidence and giving her a feel-good factor. So, here I have compiled a list of best makeup brands in India, Some of the brands are affordable while some of them are high-end brands.

Before we move on to our round-up, here’s something you need to know lady: choosing the right brand of makeup is a big decision you make for yourself. The skin on your face is especially delicate, and if you want to look after it well, you will have to invest in quality cosmetics.

Forget diamonds, bags, and shoes, in reality, makeup is a woman’s best friend. The right shade of lipstick, the perfect foundation, the ideal concealer, and the right high definition eyeliner can up your style quotient and your confidence by multi-folds. The best makeup brand is not only the one that is expensive but for some women, it can be a brand that is affordable by the majority of female users out there in India. So let’s begin.

Best Makeup brands in India – 2019

1. M.A.C

MAC is abbreviated as Make-Up Art Cosmetics founded in Toronto, Canada. M.A.C is a leading brand in professional makeup and is recognized as one of the most quality cosmetics companies in the world. It offers more than 100 shades of professional quality makeup suitable for people of different ages, colors, sexes, and races. The brand is for all and everyone. From professional to everyday use, the brand has everything to cover. Also, they had recently launched their skin care products that are becoming a new sensation.

2. Maybelline New York

Maybelline LLC comes into the top of the makeup brands in india, established in New York. The company is known as the “first creator of the dark black mascara” that is famous worldwide now. It is recognized all around the world for its quality and innovative products.

3. L’Oreal

L’Oreal happens to be one of the most esteemed drugstore brands in the world. The Company has been present in India for about 20 years. Today, L’Oreal India is a subsidiary of L’Oreal which is growing at a very fast rate. L’Oreal Paris is one of the trademark brands of this company. You might find some affordable products and some not so very affordable products in this brand. But let me tell you, the products from this brand are worth the money. If you have not found a good long lasting, hydrating matte lipstick yet, then try the moist matte range from this brand. They are little pricey but totally worth it.

4. Lakmé

Lakmé is an Indian based beauty brand as we all know. This brand has a line of both makeup and skincare products. 9 to 5 range from this brand is one of the most famous of all times. This company started by launching a rose powder which is still a favourite amongst most Indian women and some few other products, now it has expanded into a beauty giant which competes with leading makeup brands all over the world.

5. NYX

NYX is the well known brand founded by a 25-year old boy in California. Now the company is the part of the L’Oreal group. The reason behind the popularity of this brand is its world-class products that suit every skin type. NYX has a whole bunch of interesting products that include lip creams, eyeliners, foundations, and other essentials.

These are the best makeup brands in India. In addition to these Avon, Colorbar, Clinique, L.A. Girl, Bobbi Brown are some of the mention worthy makeup brands in India. Let me know your feedback in the comments section below.