Have you appeared for numerous competitive exams? Are you dreaming to get admission to the best college? But, how is this possible when there are a lot more students and maybe, they have more experience or better marks than you have! Let’s have a look at best IIT coaching in Lucknow! Gravity is a premier Institute for preparation of various competitive exams for last 11 years.

About Gravity:

In India, every second parent wants their child to become an engineer or doctor. And for that, they want them to get admission in best engineering college.. Gravity is a prestigious Institute for preparation of various competitive exams. One of the salient features of Gravity is that they firmly believe that preparing for Boards and Competitive exams are not two different things. But should be merged with each other with such finesse and aplomb that an aspiring student remains least stressed and enjoys the rigors of the daunting challenge of performing superbly in both. Integration of both the Boards and competitive exams is designed, planned and executed at Gravity in excellent fashion. On a consistent basis, they produced over 3000 selections in IIT-JEE & over 2500 in various medical entrance examinations.


Best IIT coaching in Lucknow – Gravity classes results 2020

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Gravity classes-best iit coaching in Lucknow

Results – Gravity classes:

best iit coaching in lucknow- Gravity
best iit coaching in lucknow- Gravity


Some Tips towards your JEE Mains & Advanced 2020 preparation with Gravity:

To get a good rank in JEE and make to the IIT, you need to have a strategic planning that suits the present format of selection. The present format demands an all-round performance as it considers your Board Examination, JEE Mains and Advanced. Here are certain points that would help you.

1.Never neglect the N.C.E.R.T. books:
The N.C.E.R.T. books are written by some of the best brains of India and these books are quite precise and concise. Your preparation must start withN.C.E.R.T. books. Read these books thoroughly and solve all the back exercises. Also, try the ‘exampler problems’ for further practice of objective questions. Remember that reading and understanding the N.C.E.R.T. books are not the same thing.

2. Prepare well for your board examination – it does help your preparation towards JEE:

In spite of the fact that from a year ago, your Class XII imprints won’t be required for JEE Main and Advanced position assurance, it’s still significant for you to score well in your sheets. You have to do your best for the Board. A strong readiness for Board helps the planning for JEE Mains as both these examinations are directed by CBSE. Not at all like JEE Mains, Board Exam has abstract inquiries, so build up the propensity for addressing emotional inquiries.

3. Which is more important – how long or how much you should study?
Honestly, neither of these; unless you know ‘how to study’. If you cram definitions and formulae, it hardly matters how long or how much you study. It is much better to understand and develop a clear concept. Once you know ‘how to study’ it would be wise to focus on how much topics you can cover up in a given time frame.

4. Plan for a week

Don’t plan for a day as it may not be accomplished for any unavoidable event on that day (you might be sick). If you make a plan for a week,   you have other days to compensate. Make a realistic plan that you can achieve at the end of the week. Once the plan is realistic, you must not postpone it to the next week.

5. Slow but steady does not win the race

Forget the story of ‘Hare and Tortoise’. nowadays the Hare does not sleep. Don’t be too slow as you have a lot to cover up in these two years. So, try to be fast and consistent. Make sure that you get at least four to five months for revision.

6. Don’t go beyond the syllabus and don’t leave a single topic in the syllabus
All the questions asked in the JEE are from the prescribed syllabus. Some intelligent questions will check your ability to apply the concept but they are definitely not out of the syllabus. When you study from a foreign reference book, you may tend to learn topics that are not there in the syllabus. Cracking JEE is like crossing a river by a boat with a maximum amount of load. If you take more than the prescribed limit, the boat will sink.

7. Keep a balance in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics

You may not like one of the three subjects but examiner hardly cares what you like. All three subjects have equal weight age in JEE. Therefore, study all of them with equal attention.

8. Learn from the mistakes in the tests
There are many tests available, both offline and online. It is important to develop a habit of taking tests of the same format. What is more important is to learn from the mistakes made in those tests. If you can amend those mistakes after every test, your performance will show a gradual improvement all the way. This is the only way to close the gap between preparation and performance and improve the examination temperament.

9. Do not follow too many books or study materials
Apart from N.C.E.R.T., it is important to follow one book thoroughly rather than following too many and completing none of them. The book followed must be authentic. It is better not to follow study materials of various institutions as they lay emphasis on one topic and completely ignore the other. The new pattern wants you to read and comprehend every topic.

10. Make a revision plan

Make a plan that suits your study pattern. Don’t start afresh before few weeks of examination. Do not try anything new just before the examination as this would waste your time and you may lose the information that you already grasped.
Suppose you have eighteen days to prepare before the examination, you revise chemistry in the first six days, physics in the next six days and mathematics in the last. It may happen you may not be able to recall some important points of chemistry after eighteen days of revision. So, try to study at least two subjects per day.

Let the pressure be on your study and not on yourself. Sleep well, eat light and stay calm to keep yourself fresh before the examination.


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