Hey, Gorgeous! How have you all been? A black dress is one of the simplest yet classy outfits you can wear. Black dresses are such a classic, versatile piece of clothing. Any makeup works with a black dress!! Isn’t it? It might look nice to apply makeup accordingly to any accents on your black dress.

For example, if your black dress has silver buttons on it, I’d think metallic eyeshadow would look great. But a lot of people falter when it comes to the makeup they should do to pair their dress with. Your eye makeup, whether matte or shimmer will definitely create a contrast, bringing the attention to your eyes. But if you’re still stuck on the makeup you think would suit your dress perfectly, try out some of these Black Dresses Makeup Tips.

Here are few Black dress makeup tips:

Bold red lip

Whether or not you feel like going crazy on the eyes, and bold lip always compliments black dresses. It is also perfect for more mature women since it cuts a few years off your age and allows you to look younger as it happens to take the focus away from your wrinkles. For bold lips, there are a wide variety of options available. Some people just cannot accept the idea of going for a bold eye makeup look but that should not stop you from going for a bit dramatic with your makeup. However, if you expect a long night, and know you will be eating, go for a matte lip since it lasts longer.

All Matte Eyes

If you feel like going for a look with the only shimmer being on your cheekbones, a matte eye is the one for you. You can play with the lightest to the darkest of mattes on your eyelids. Try to keep the darkest of the color nearest to your lash-line to give the impression of fuller and thicker eyelashes. If you go for the classic smokey eye, keep the color the most intense and darkest on the outer corner/ outer ‘v’ of the eye while focusing the lighter colors on the inner corners and lid space. To prevent this, try doing your eye makeup before your base makeup. With mattes, reds and burgundies and browns look immensely flattering over a black dress.

Subtly highlighted cheeks

Be it a night out or a day out, subtly highlighted cheeks with a douse of rosy-peach blush looks to-die-for. Add some cream champagne-gold highlighter on the highest part of your cheekbone. You can even add a hot pink sheer blush if going for a night out and substitute the blush with a matte bronzer while dressing up for a day out.

False Lashes and Liner

The best time to go for a dramatic eye look is when you are killing the mainstream in your classy black dress. And nothing screams more dramatic than fluttery, loaded lashes. If you’re bold, choose colored or metallic liner instead of the simple black eyeliner which could add something different. If you want to take your look up a notch, try adding in false lashes and winged eyeliner to add more glamour and definition. And just a couple of coats of mascara on your curled lashes are not enough. Go on with an extra step and attach some fake lashes and make those peepers flutter like never before.