The healthy liver is a powerhouse of an organ. The liver is one of the largest and most important organs in the body, performing more than 500 functions. Nowadays our lifestyle choices, such as consuming too much alcohol, not keeping fit, and not eating healthy the liver is overworked, and this may lead to ascites, cirrhosis, liver failure, hepatitis, etc. therefore it is very important that you consume the right foods to maintain a healthy liver.

Do you really eat healthy food every day? Do you think that your body is happy to have all kinds of tasty, but unhealthy foods? By consuming some of the foods that help the liver cleanse and restore by itself, you can keep your body functioning at its absolute best. You don’t have to eat all of these foods each day, but try to eat at least one or two every day to keep your liver, and your entire body, healthy and fit.

1. Garlic

What is garlic? Is it a vegetable or a herb? While this debate continues, it has been found that when garlic is consumed the liver activates enzymes that can help the body get rid of harmful toxins. Garlic is not only good for your heart, but it’s great for your liver as well, and it doesn’t take much to help the liver do its job. Detoxification is important to keep your liver healthy. And the best food that can help you do that is a clove of garlic. One clove contains all the selenium and alllicin that you need to help remove toxins. Always use organic garlic and crush the clove a bit to help release those active compounds. Swallow it whole if you can, or chop it up and put it in a salad or stir fry.

2. Lemon

Lemons are always a popular part of any detox routine. you’ve probably heard of people starting their day with a slice of lemon in warm water. in order to make your water less boring, why not add some freshly squeezed organic lemon or lime juice to it? Not only will it make your water more interesting, this will encourage the production of bile, which is what makes your liver flush out toxins. But how exactly does this benefit your liver? These citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, helping to remove impurities while protecting against free radical damage.

3. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a rich source of antioxidants and has been found to boost immunity. Rich in Vitamin C, grapefruit contains a variety of flavonoids and terpenes, including naringenin. This compound is particularly useful when it comes to the liver. These may help protect the liver from injury by reducing inflammation and protecting the liver cells. The compounds may also reduce fat buildup in the liver and increase the enzymes that burn fat.

4. Green Tea

It’s a well-known fact that green tea is an antioxidant and has many health benefits and so many healing properties. So you should find ways to drink a couple of cups of this super antioxidant tea every single day. One of these antioxidants, called catechins, is found only and only in green tea and will prevent your liver from storing fat. This will help your liver work more efficiently.

5. Coffee

Coffee is one of the best beverages you can drink to promote liver health. Especially because it protects against issues such as fatty liver disease. It is also known that daily coffee intake may help reduce the risk of chronic liver disease. It can also protect the liver from damaging conditions, such as liver cancer. Drinking coffee may also reduce the risk of developing a common type of liver cancer, and it has positive effects on liver disease and inflammation. While coffee has too much health benefits, your liver, in particular, will thank you for that morning cup of joy.

6. Oatmeal

If you are familiar with oatmeal, you’ll be aware that it’s an excellent source of soluble fibre, helping to support your digestive health and maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Oatmeal can help to reduce the amount of cholesterol accumulating in the liver by slowing down the absorption of cholesterol into the blood. Impressive and another reason not to skip your breakfast in the morning! Isn’t it?

7. Avocado

Avocados are full of healthy fat, which helps to remove harmful toxins in your liver. It will also add that super healthy antioxidant glutathione to your body, which is really bad news for toxins in your body, but good news for your health, and the health of your liver.

Final Thoughts

The liver plays an important role in your body. While it largely takes care of itself, a person can help maintain liver health by consuming some of these foods and drinks. The main foods to avoid for healthy liver are refined sugars, trans fats, processed foods, factory-farmed meats and dairy, farms.

These are the 7 foods that will help you keep your liver healthy, free of any diseases, and also help in liver detoxification. Include them in your daily diet to see improvement in your health sooner than you anticipate. Take care of your self and your liver!!!