Human beings have certain habits, which is especially true regarding their makeup routines and can do lot of makeup mistakes. For example, you might buy the same eyeliner every year, or wear the same shade lipstick all the time. But instead of making you look pretty, these little habits might be aging your skin. It usually takes a woman a whole lot of experimentation and most of her twenties to get her makeup alright. All those hours of struggling in front of the mirror, and still you are still not satisfied.

Here are 5 makeup mistakes that might be adding years to your face, so you should stop doing them right away.

1. Wearing the wrong shade of foundation

Your foundation should drastically darker than your natural skin tone and as a result, your head doesn’t look like it belongs to your body. When shopping for foundation, don’t just randomly pick any shade. If you have the opportunity, consult a nearby beauty expert. They should be able to find you the perfect shade of foundation. Or, if there are test samples nearby, take a dab of five shades that look close your skin tone, and hold them up to your face. A glance into a mirror should make this comparison a simple decision. Opt for a natural foundation color and then add highlights using blushes and bronzers. By choosing too dark foundation, you risk creating a mask-like appearance.

2. Not cleaning your makeup brushes

I guess I have mentioned this point in my previous posts as well that I am really very lazy when it comes to washing my makeup brushes. And, thanks to my laziness, I end up getting pimples because of these dirty brushes. Cleaning makeup brushes should be a regular part of your beauty routine. Even if you recently washed your face, there is a lot of bacteria on your skin. checkout my post – Must Have Makeup Brushes in Your Makeup Bag

3. Your lip color is too bright

Apply ointment or a light facial moisturizer to your lips, and let it set as you prepare the rest of your makeup. It will help you achieve a nice, long-lasting, even coat of color on your lips. Lipstick can make or break your look. Choose colors that are natural and suit your skin tone. Dark shades can look tacky. They also make you look much older than you are. If you do go in for dark colors, make sure the rest of your all makeup is light.

4. Applying Blush In The Wrong Place

Forget everything you learned about applying blush to the apples of your cheek. You don’t want to walk around looking like a clown.
Match peach lipstick to a neutral or peach blush, pink lipstick with pink blush, red lipstick with a berry blush and orange lipstick with a peach blush. It helps you look come together as a whole so that you look natural and never overdone.

5. Skipping primer

Before you begin your makeup routine, you want to make sure that you start with the perfect palette. Using primer on your skin before applying your foundation can keep your skin smooth throughout the day. To bring down the shine on your oily skin when wearing makeup, smooth on a mattifying face primer before applying foundation. Always have touch-up products in your purse to ensure that you stay polished throughout the day. Or you can grab a toilet seat cover from the ladies restroom and blot.

Have you ever made any of these makeup mistakes? Come on, you can tell me gorgeous!